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Silly for the CNN Gods 

Leah Molloy: Ann that picture of Kris Osborn with his shirt off is BEYOND. Can you make that picture any bigger? I want it blown up as large as you can make it so I can see it better. I'd like to be able to see if there is any hair on his chest. Kris Osborn is my man. Don't any of you gay men even try to take my man. Meet psycho woman Molloy ;-)
He He He He He He He He He HAAAAA

Fluffy: I like your site on Kris! Keep up the good job! =D About him...all I can say is that he is taken... Trust me, nobody knows better than I do (If you know what I mean) ;)
I'm sorry! Have a nice day everyone, 'Me' P.S. don't worry I'm not a jealous person at all :)

CNN vj: I am a video journalist at CNN in Atlanta and work with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on a pretty regular basis. I almost always see him and interact with him at least twice a week. He is a very sweet, charming, and endearing man. He smile is amazing, and even more so in person than on TV! He's worth all the praise on this site, he's a great man with a great heart. And quite the cutie... He's probably about 5'10", to clear up any confusion. He's also a pleasure to work with, easy to talk to, and pretty funny! I think it's cute he still gets nervous before he goes on the air -- even after two years as a CNN correspondent. Charming! And just brilliant... Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know he's as amazing as you'd hope he would be. And then some :)

Scarlet Termite: I'm baaacck! I went to Michigan this weekend to see some friends. When I went past the sign that says "Welcome to Michigan" I hung out the window and hollered," Hello Sanjayland!" I didn't get an answer but I saw a lot of people looking at me and frantically dialing their cell phones, no doubt trying to alert the media of my arrival.
Sindhu, I don't think Sanjay is climbable because isn't he kind of short? So he would actually be like a small hill but the plus side of that is accessibility whereas on Bill one would probably need base camps and possibly Sherpas.

Oh, I forgot to address the nickname issue for Bill. My own personal nickname for Bill is the Big Dawg. I know some other women who have it bad for Bill that refer to him as Studly or Billylicious. Maybe a good one would be "Your Most Exalted Highest Sincere Cuteness" That's kind of long though.

Sindhu Kumar: Just because Sanjay is two inches shorter than billyboy billylicious, it does not mean he cannot be climbed upon.

Scarlet Termite: Oh! I didn't realize that, Sindhu! I retract all previous statments and say that Sanjay is indeed climable but with only one base camp and no Sherpas. One may need oxygen, though.
And do you know why we must climb them? Because they are there! Just sitting there, clueless, with no idea we are coming up behind them with ropes and grappling hooks and duct tape (just to be safe).

Sindhu Kumar: You are killing me with laughter scarlet!! I am laughing so hard.

Ann Stewart: I went to see like the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. It's called the "Underworld,"  and it's the one of the worst movies ever permitted to be made on God's great Earth. I'm telling ya folks do not go see that movie. The movie was about vampires and werewolves being at war against each other and if it isn't like the stupidest thing you ever heard, well I just got to say I should've came home after the open house and watched recorded reruns of CNN's American Mornings or something.

So tell me since I'm on the subject of werewolves and vampires. Does Thomas Roberts kinda remind you of a good looking vampire if he only had some sharp teeth and if so, would you ladies let him bite your neck? Humm .I bet Sanjay could get away with some serious neck biting, and I know Bill Hemmer's got a few chicks in line waiting to give him blood.

You know if Sanjay was dying and he needed a kidney, he could have both of mine. I would even though in my gall bladder, a few of my ribs and my intestines too and all he would have to do to get all of my organs donated to save his life someday, would be to send me another email. Is that not a bargain or what?

Leah Molloy are you really a psycho or are you just play'in? I'm really a psycho and I'm just play'in, but no to answer you're question about that shirtless Kris picture I can't enlarge it without distorting it and I don't know if he has hair on his chest or not. That's a good question. I can't tell, but he looks like a hairless dude on the chest anyway. Now my precious God Gupta, I heard he got the hair, I don't know if it's on his chest or not, but it's defiantly on other places of his body. I have always wanted a lock of Sanjay hair just to keep by my bedside and rub my fingers though it before I fall asleep, so Leah...I know how you feel about Kris.

Scarlet Termite I dig those nicknames for Bill, especial Billylicious. Billylicious babealicious hunkalicious would be great nicknames. It kinda reminds me of bubble gum I used to chew. Ladies lets vote on Bill Hemmers nickname shall we? Billy Boy, Billylicious or Big Dawg---- which one would you ladies like best? I think Big Dawg is kinda ugly---- I mean a butt ugly nickname--- but I thought since you like it Scarlet and you are so incredibly cool, I just thought I would add it. You sexy bug. You a funny fascinating freak. I love your writing and I love you. Keep it coming.

Sindhu--I tell you what sweetheart. I'll climb the front of Sanjay and you can climb the back. I'll meet you at the top, but once we get half way up Sanjay's mountain, let's stop and have a picnic lunch. What do you say Sindhu? Sound like a plan?

Doraemon that's OK, it was probably Dr. Cohn on today. She usually does Housecalls on Sunday if she did it on the Saturday before. So no worries, just please report anything about our beloved CNN God' when you see them.

Thanks for the comments folks. Sorry I've been gone so long today. I've been real busy, but my life should get back to normal tomorrow, when my company leaves and I got the day off work tomorrow too, so I will be here for ya, to hang out and make funny chat'in with ya

PS: Doraemon are you a girl or a boy? I can't tell from the user name. Maybe you're a puppy or a kitten or a duck or something? What are you baby?

Doraemon: Hey Ann...I'm a girl. My user name is actually my favorite Japanese character! Well..I guess you could say I'm a robot-like cat...lol...that's what doraemon is!
http://www.nephco.com/doraemon/ That's what he looks like.

Jet: I know you said you didn't want to know Ann, but I am a girl. Jet is not my real name, it's just a nickname.

Ann Stewart: WOW doraemon, that's a cute little blue cartoon fellow. I should have used a user name. I just wasn't that smart I guess. Anybody could find me if they want to. I hope the Federal Government don't come and beat me up for my political views, but last I heard this is a free country and we are suppose to be able to speak our opinions. So hopefully I won't get arrested for it.

Jet would you father my children?...Oh I'm sorry...I forgot...your not a man...well than, will you mother my children? :-)

Sindhu Kumar: Ann--How bout me climbing all over on Sanjay and meeting u at the top for lunch and dinner?

Scarlet Termite: Sorry you don't like Big Dawg, Ann. I thought it was kinda college guy/frat bro-ish and Bill gives off that frat boy vibe in a big way. Of course he also gives off a Professor Frink vibe and makes me think that in the full moon he redorkulates and suddenly he has on polyester slacks and a pocket protector. Holy cow! Imagine waking up to that! Glavin! and the lady and the screaming and the hitting....

Ann Stewart: It's OK Scarlet I like Big Dawg well enough, it's just not my favorite nickname. I think I like Billylicious better though. You still the coolest Termite in town. You just found Bill's new nickname. I dig Billylicious. That's something only an intelligent termite bug like yourself could conjure up.

Sindhu I guess that sounds like a plan, but I wanted to climb up the front of Sanjay's mountain....darnet. You would fight me for the Sanjay's mountain wouldn't you?

Anyway ladies I saw Sanjay, Bill, and my family on American Morning this morning. Is that not cool or what? I'm as happy as a clam.

Scarlet Termite: Doraemon, that is a cute lil cat-like character you have. He reminds me of the cats on that old cartoon "Top Cat".
Well, probably just dated myself there. Actually, dating oneself would be rather convenient. You'd always pick the right movie and the right restaurant. You'd always understand if you were late and not get mad if you accidentally said the wrong thing. Maybe that is why Bill and Sanjay aren't married yet. They just date themselves.
But Sanjay is always late because he doesn't have a watch and he is getting tired of being stood up all the time.

Ann Stewart: Scarlet Termite who the heck would stand up God Gupta for a date? Someone should slap that woman stupid. Don't women know he's a God? You should never stand up a God like Gupta. If Bill and Sanjay are looking for a woman, they shouldn't have any trouble finding one, because us women on line are typing a lot of love for them everyday.

Scarlet Termite: Now woman, reread the post..I said Bill and Sanjay are dating themselves so God Gupta is standing himself up. He's getting mighty tired of it and starting to suspect that he is cheating on himself. He doesn't realize it's because he doesn't have a watch. Bill, on the other hand, is true blue and brings himself flowers every day. He has a watch.

Ann Stewart: Scarlet Termite how well do you know these beloved men (Sanjay and Bill)? Can you set it up for us to meet them? I adore them and so does all these other ladies here, and that statment you just gave is so funny. I will use that one today. You the best Termite. Kiss Kiss

Scarlet Termite: I don't know either of these sweeties as well as I might like to. Try not at all, heehee. It is just so much fun to pick something (like the dating) then take it flying. I don't know that much about Sanjay except what I have read on this board and the blog site so I can't run with him as well. I am a devoted Hemmerati and lover of all things Hemmer so I can really go out into the stratophere with wild and innaccurate speculations about Bill. He's so sweet and straight arrow, he practically begs for it!

Ann Stewart: Scarlet Termite I hope you get to someday make the Bill babe beg you for something. Keep suck'in up to Billy boy on the Internet and maybe someday he will read what you say and think hummm.... that Scarlet chick is hot for me. Bill sure needs a woman like you Scarlet. He's been single way to long.

Anyway, is it me, or have you ladies noticed Bill has the cutest little mole on his face? It's right on his cheek. I think they probably cover it up with make up when he's on TV, but if you look at the picture on the front of his fan website I made at http://billhemmer.worldbreak.com you can see that cute little mole smiling right at you. I think it gives Bill's face character. It's a really sexy mole, it's not as big as Enrique Igalsis's mole on his face, but I have enjoyed starting at that mole on Bill's face for many years. I wonder if he has one on his ass too?

OH I got to stop talking about Bill, my nipples are getting hard. See ladies....what these man Gods can do to us poor women. It's torturing us just to look at them. It should be a crime to be that fine, they should be locked up it.

Maria: Ann I love the new site you made on Bill, mainly because I love Bill. DID YOU KNOW Bill was sent over to Kuwait and Jordan (the middle east) too during the war? I don't know if he traveled with our soldiers or not, but he was there. I saw it on CNN.

I too am a die hard Bill Hemmer fan. I wish you could find a picture with Bill's shirt off like you have that Kris Osborn one. Bill is the sexiest man on TV. No offense to your doctor Ann, but Bill is 2 die 4.




Caroline Bates: I see CNN headline news and I think it's great to have a channel that is 24 hours of news. If I wake up in the middle of the night the news is always on for me.

Ann Stewart: Hey Caroline Bates, Joy and Maria
Thanks for the comments. This CNN talk line has really pick up since you girls showed up.

By the way I just got back from the store and I was thinking of all the sick stuff people eat. Like Hog Balls, Rooster fries, and mountain oysters.

I saw this one place where people would eat chocolate covered ants and roach pie. I would never eat an insect, unless it accidentally few into my mouth and went straight down my throat.

Thanks for the comments ladies. I didn't mean to gross you out.

Jet: I love Bill's mole, I think he has more than one actually. I think I saw another one on the side of his face. They shouldn't cover them up and I'm gonna email CNN and tell them so. Ann, I cannot mother your children, I can only mother Bill's children...damn why isn't he asking me that question instead of you. I just want him soooo bad. I think he is straight as an arrow too, maybe just a tad uptight. But I can certainly loosen him up in no time.
Call me Billy!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Stewart: Well Jet I'm straight too, I think anyway...I just like to kid around a lot. I hope it doesn't get me in trouble, but I hope you get a reply from CNN on your email. Maybe you can try to ask Bill to father your children. I already asked Sanjay and I think I scared him off or something. So you might want to refrain from it.

Joy is your duck hungry? That's a great comment and I don't know if Thomas is married, maybe someone will report it. Who knows? Does anybody know if Thomas Roberts is married?

Ann Stewart: Maria there is a picture of Bill when he was skiing where you can see his biceps. It's on the silly with CNN picture page at http://beautifulcnnmen.4t.com/ you can see the Billy boy stud with out a shirt on that page. If you surf the internet a lot you have probably already seen it.

Scarlet Termite: That is a really nice pic of Bill you are talking about there. He looks like he is really having fun or is getting a waterskiers enema..I understand that kind of smarts.

Ann Stewart: Waterskiers enema?....Scarlet you are so good at this.
I guess if that don't get his insides clean nothing will.

10 questions for Bill Hemmer?
1. Why are you a space alien pretending to be a newsman?
2. What plant are you from?
3. Can I come with you back to your home plant?
4. Do people on your plant eat women?
5. If so, does it hurt?
6. When is the last time you ate a women?
7. If you did eat a woman did you start at the top or the bottom?
8. Was there any thing left of her when you got done?
9. Did you get full or was you still hungry?
10. Do you need me to find you a woman to eat?

Sindhu Kumar: Ann and Scarlet honeys: you girls are wild!! for billylicious, billyboyhunkalicious.

Ann Stewart: If any of you ladies know where I can find some nice pictures of Bill on the web to put on his fan site I would really like that. All you have to do is post it here at the CNN talk and I will get it and put it on his site.

I tried to email Bill to give him information about his fan site, but I'm sorry all you Bill Hemmer lovers...I never heard from the man you worship. I guess he's like Sanjay, always busy. If those 2 men don't slow down, we're going to have drug them and drag them by the hair to our caves. That's the only way we will ever get any of their time.

Doraemon: Your too funny Ann!! Bill, Sanjay and Anderson were looking mighty fine today!!

Ann Stewart: Yeah I watched Anderson on 360 tonight. I really need more infomation on Anderson for his website. I have a lot of good comments, but I have no B-day or other info his fans might want. The Same goes for the other guys too. Like Kris and Anderson's sites are getting a good amount of hits on them. Do you know Anderson's birthday? or any of the other guys I carry fan sites on?

Jet: Just want to say that Bill can eat me anytime! I have seen the waterskiing picture and he looks hot. That must be what he looks like after a shower! I think I am going to make him my sex slave for a weekend, if I ever get to him.
He will have to do everything I say and all he can wear is a teeny weeny towel around his waist...when I allow him to wear anything that is!!!!!!!!! This idea is making me way too hot...I need a cool drink and then I need to make my way to bed, without Bill unfortunately.

Doraemon: Hey Ann..try this site...its got some info on anderson

Scarlet Termite: Annie sweetie, your list was hilarious! I just have one question, though. Is Bill from a plant? He is actually vegetable matter and not a hot-blooded sugar from Cincinnati? Does he have a meaningful relationship with the local produce store? Maybe the reason he didn't answer your email was that he was being misted.
I am afraid to start with the woman eating. Of course, if it gets to the point of needing a sacrifice I would be more than willing to martyr myself for the cause (whatever that may be).
Here is a site with some pics of Bill. http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=SRH&logsrch=1He was looking sweet this morning. He is better than coffee!

Jet: I'm off from work today so I got to see all of Bill this morning. Well, not in the literal sense. He looked great
as always. He said he was in Ohio over the weekend, I guess he was visiting his family. He seems to go home a lot. That's nice. I think him and I are destined to be together. I am also Catholic, close to his age, very close to my family and this morning he said he likes mayo with his French fries! Me too!!! I never heard anyone else say that. When I ask for mayo in a restaurant they usually look at me like I landed from Mars. I'm your soul mate Bill, I just know it.

Ann Stewart: Doraemon thanks buddy for the link. I need to upgrade Anderson's site. That's a big help.

And Jet and Scarlet you are too funny. I will be going back though this and picking out the funny parts as soon as I get time. I got to watch Bill and Sanjay this morning and I don't have time to report on it cause I have to get back to work, but Bill's beautiful mole was smiling at me.

Scarlet Termite: Well, I missed him again, then! LOL! I am only two hours from Cincinnati. He picked a crappy weekend to come home though. It's gotten cold and was rainy. But then again I was in Michigan over the weekend so what do I know?
I have never heard of anyone eating fries with mayo. I personally prefer cocktail sauce with mine. Aren't the quirks endearing?

Jet: I've heard the fries and mayo thing is French. That's how they eat them, or so I'm told. People here just think it's weird. I wonder if Bill gets that reaction when he eats them. I hope I get to find out personally.

Scarlet Termite: The exchange with me would go something like this: Me: Ewwww...mayonnaise with fries? Bill: Ewwwww...cocktail sauce with fries? Together: EWWWWWWWWWWWW......

Jet: I want to feed him the fries and then lick the mayo from his lips. Maybe we can share a french fry, with each of starting at either side and end up meeting in one big mayonnaise slathered kiss!!!!!!!! Sooooooo romantic.

Scarlet Termite: Ewwwwwwwww........

Jet: I guess it's something only Bill and I can understand!

Scarlet Termite: Wonder if Sanjay puts ketchup on his Taandori?

Caroline Bates: It's getting a little strange in here.

Jet: Maybe we are getting carried away with our quirky food and other ideas...but to share french fries and mayo with Bill would be a dream come true. I just can't help it. My mind seems to be on sex all the time and Bill really fuels the fire.

Scarlet Termite: Hey, all I said was Ewwww...heehee. Strange is good. Venting mayo and french fry fantasies here is much better than keeping it all pent up and then suddenly losing it, blacking out, and waking up in a pile of taters and Hellmans.








Scarlet Termite: Thank you, Joy! You're the one with the starving duck, right? Now I actually like ducks, especially with a nice orange sauce....juuust kidding!

QueenBee: Ok - I know you all are going to love me for this - Dr. Sanjay Gupta is scheduled to be on Oprah on October 3rd. Hold your applause and go set your VCR!!

Sindhu Kumar: Great news queen bee!

Ann Stewart: Ladies I just got home and read over this stuff for the first time and may I say you girls are so funny....I need to be careful not to pee my pants.

This is going to be a great post.
Queenbee thanks for that info, we don't want to miss it. The only problem is I work when Oprah is on.

Jet: I agree with you Joy..I want Bill naked in the cold, heat or any temperature at all. Just looking at him gets me so hot.

Scarlet Termite: Wonder if Oprah will get all giggly with Sanjay. Has she gotten all giggly with anybody? I don't normally watch Oprah. When I get home from work I watch Wolf Blitzer. He is Santas' understudy or one of his elves or maybe he is a Santa stalker and is trying to be just like him. I am not too sure. I know he is an extraordinarily brave man. Anyone on national television with a name like that and is not emceeing pro wrestling is amazing in my book.


Scarlet Termite: Well, Miss Ann, Thank you for updating the page. I knew you would come up with something for Bill. Since he has been described as a Disney character, Thumper comes to mind...

Ann Stewart: Scarlet Termite thanks so much for all your funky comments. You have been the star of the CNN talk. Women you should be freak'in famous.
I once compared Bill to Hot Fudge Sunday or a Banana Split. Maria really liked that.

Scarlet Termite: Ooo...famous! Maybe I can get that date with Bill and get Sanjay his new watch! Thank you for the kind praise, too, Ann. It means alot to me, because I think you are flat out, laugh out loud, hilarious.

Ann Stewart: Thank you Scarlet Termite--Do you know Bill or Sanjay? I love Bill, he's a great American mornings lead guy, and Scarlet you have really made this CNN talk come alive. You have been brilliantly funny. I wanna kiss you...you cute little bug. Pucker your insect lips up.

Scarlet Termite: Oh you are making my antenna all wiggly! Sadly,tragically,unfortunately I don't know Bill or Sanjay. Wish I did. Indeed I do. Sanjay I would attempt to make a curry for and Bill...well, some things are best left to the imagination.

Sindhu Kumar: About the curry--I wonder if Sanjay likes North Indian curries or South Indian curries.

Ann Stewart: Yeah Scarlet Termite I'm sad because I don't know them either. I wish I did. I just watch them in the morning before I go to work. They make my thang wiggle. I really love your comic writing Scarlet. I hope you stick around. You a very talented person. I want to bond with you little Termite. Sindhu what is a curry?

Sindhu Kumar: Girls you are hilarious!!! Curry is anything that has water in it.

Scarlet Termite: Curry is anything that has water in it? Wow! I have been making curries for years and didn't even know it! Well, I guess Sanjay can sashay his butt over here and I can give him some soup. Then I can point him in you all's direction. If he brings Bill, though, I regret to inform you that when he leaves here he will be traveling alone.

Ann Stewart: Scarlet Termite you Bill loving freak, I love Bill too, but I'll take Sanjay you can have Bill. Well do a double dream date thing with whip cream on top. How's that for an erotic fantasy?

Oh I'm sorry Joy had the whip cream idea first, she can use whip cream, I'll try Ice Cream. I think that might freeze poor Sanjay to death. Don't men lose an erection when they are cold? Isn't that why they take cold showers or something?

Well maybe I won't use Ice Cream than, but I'm sure my freaky mind can think of some other interesting food to use on Sanjay. I think anything would taste good on him. I would even eat dirt off of him and say it was delicious.

I bet you feel the same way about Bill hun Scarlet? You know talking to girls who have crushes on God Guys makes me feel normal. Thanks for making this freaky abnormal woman feel normal Scarlet.

Scarlet Termite: Well, dunno if I would eat dirt off of him. Guess that depends on what kind of dirt it is. But I certainly would like to get that perpetual tie off'n that beautiful neck.
Bill is the sweetest thing (or thang) on two legs and I do wish he'd walk them my way. Sanjay is cute, but he is not climable. Bill is definitely climable with handholds and everything.

Ann Stewart: I think they are both climable. Too fine for words. You sound like a big Hemmer fan. So is Maria, you two would hit it off. Scarlet you know Bill lives in New York now I think. Maybe someday you can go to New York and find a way to meet your dream dude.

I go to Atlanta a lot, but never got to see Sanjay. I took that CNN tour 2 times and no one I was looking for was there. I never even saw one anchor person, but I saw a lot of folks on computers. They did have picture on the walls of Bill. I don't know if you would think that would be worth a trip to Atlanta or not, but they were cute pictures of Bill on the wall. I did not find one Sanjay picture on the CNN walls, during the tour. I should've complained to CNN for that. They should have had a Sanjay picture up.

Scarlet Termite: That is an outrage that there isn't a picture of Sanjay! Hasn't he sacrificed enough to be worthy of a picture? Didn't he go out into the desert and get all stinky? He was a powerful man out there.
I have only driven through Atlanta when I traveled from Charleston, S.C. to Memphis. It was exciting. My niece got carsick and that made it even more exciting for a while.
I have decided that Bill is my midlife crisis. He's better than a sportscar and you can do so much more with him than a sportscar. If I could manage it, I could wallpaper a room with pictures of Bill. But then I wouldn't be able to go into it. It would creep me out, him looking at me all the time. Guess I won't do that.

Ann Stewart: Scarlet you are so right it is an outrage that Sanjay was not on the CNN wall on the CNN tour. He is the almighty God Gupta. He is worship by women on the internet. So is Bill Hemmer, and he much better than a sports car. I would say much better anythang that is a thang. Bill Hemmer is just a wonderful thang.

Sindhu Kumar: That is so sad, that they don't have a picture of Sanjay on the CNN Wall. Scarlet what makes you think that Bill is climbable and Sanjay isn't. Well, I would climb over anybody to get to Sanjay.

Paige: Hello--Hope you are having fun, Ann. I'm dropping by briefly just to say I MISS DR. GUPTA! I need my fix! Hopefully tomorrow he will return.

Sindhu Kumar: Hey ladies: well ladies, like you too, I too miss Dr. Gupta when he is not on TV. Hopefully, we will all get to see him on TV and get our cravings fixed, right girls?

Ann Stewart: With Sanjay and Bill Hemmer being off for weekends. It's just hard to find something to talk about hun?

Doraemon: I hate the weekends....no Bill or Anderson!!!

Ann Stewart: Doraemon you are so right. I miss American Mornings when it's not on. I miss Sanjay, Bill, and Anderson.

Jet: I decided to go to New York for Bill's birthday on 11/14.
I want to be his "birthday present" and I'm all ready for him to unwrap me!!

Ann Stewart: Great comment Jet!!! Very funny...You know Jet is my father's name too. So are you a guy or a girl? Well that's OK I really don't want to know, but I'll be doing a post today on the CNN GOD GUYS and I will use your comment.
Thanks Jet

Guava: Richard Quest, winner of this year's Short Sleeves competition.

Ann Stewart: I love Richard Quest too. He's a funny news dude. He makes the hair in my ears electrofry. He's one loud news dude. Electrofry? hum...that's a cool new word. I might have to use that one for something someday.

Jennifer: I like that Richard Quest site. the word Electrofry is good too. I can think of a word for them too, how about dynodudes. Is that a good word?

Joy: Oh Ash-har Quraishi --Where has he been all my life? I heard from Ann he's married. Damn...that really bites, but hey should he ever become single or a widower. Hey Ash I'm here for you man. Is he a super dude model or what? He looks like one. They should pay him a lot of money to look that fine. HEY DO MORE NEWS ON Ash-har Quraishi AND Bill Hemmer.

Guava: Hi Joy. As you probably know, Ann's got more news on Ash-har and Bill.
P.S. I respond real well to screaming demands online like "HEY DO MORE NEWS." Ok, no I don't. :)

Ann Stewart: I'll tell you Guava so you will know, Joy is a buddy of mine at work and I ask her and everybody else I know for for input on my sites almost everyday when we are at work, they also know about you being the start of this blogg'in thing for us. So my buddies will probably give you input too. Joy really likes a singer named Gackt from Japan, but she can't state that here cause he's not an infohunk, but she kinda would like Infohunks like him probably. If there is an infohunk like Gackt? I really don't think anybody is like Gackt in the news world anyway.
Joy's cool...she's just a little freaky. I like freaky. Freaky makes me happy.
Am I freak'in you out again Guava?

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