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Sex Gum? With Dr. Gupta 

Ann Stewart: Last week Dr. Sanjay Gupta told an interesting story about how Wrigley's Chewing Gum was going to put out gum with the sex drug enhancer called Viagra. Knowing how Dr. Gupta has so many female fans, like the ones I have talked to at the Gupta Gabfest. I thought you might want to hear Dr. Gupta talk about how to double you pleasure.
You can also watch a video and read a story of Dr. Gupta's parents talking about their Prettyboy son Sanjay here, while he was in Iraq with the devil docs during the war.

Will's comment on John King 

Ann Stewart: My friend Will Parker made this comment on Prettyboy John King at the Gupta Gabfest .
Will Parker: Hey Ann Tell John King he needs to borrow Monica's presidential knee pad. There has been some discussions on how much John King seems to adore the president. There is also a pictures of Prettyboy John King interviewing the president on the Gett'in Silly With CNN Men page. His comments were based on this website.


Ann Stewart: This just in: I got Bill Hemmer Pregnant. That's right folks, I....Ann Stewart....editor of TALK webzine, knocked CNN's anchor man Bill Hemmer up. Sources say there is a bug on the Internet that is claiming she got him pregnant with a fly that crawled up his leg while he was sleeping and then there is a person by the name of Jet on the Internet that claimed to be the father of Bill Hemmer's baby too. I want you all to know that both of these creepy Billy Babies are full of the brown stuff that floats around in your toilet. I knocked Bill Hemmer up, and as soon as he gives birth I'm going to do it again. Stay tuned for more on this story.

PS: Bill I love you. Please take me back. Don't let our child grow up with out a father.









Sexiest Talking Heads Contest 

Ann Stewart: There is a Sexiest Talking Heads Contests at GoGo Mag. If you get a chance stop by and vote for your favorite news person or prettyboy.

Kris Osborn 

I found a nice article on Kris Osborn that seem to state how happy he is to be single and how his father told him to not chase women. So ladies this is a career man who is being publicized as being happy to be alone. Darn

I also found this article, which shows him hanging off cliffs. He looks like a man of action.


Go Billy Boy 

Ann Stewart: This is just a little update on the Sexiest Talking Heads on line contest. Bill Hemmer has pulled into the lead with 17% of the votes. Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith are coming in close behind with 15% of the vote. Thomas Roberts is next with 8% of the votes and my precious Dr Sanjay Gupta and Patty's and Betty's precious Dan Abrams are next, and tied with 7% of the vote. So if you haven't voted yet, please go vote. Do you hear that chanting? GO BILL GO!!! GO BILL GO!!! I guess this could be one for the BILLY BOY.



Help Start Keith Olbermann's Fan Club 

Ann Stewart: My online friend Patty e-mailed me and told me about this site. It was made to get a petition for a Keith Olbermann's fan club to be started. If you get time go by and sign it for Keith.



The Pinkpanther Reports 

I got a report on the God Gupta from a new found online friend, who goes by the online user name of pinkpanther read this discussion:

pinkpanther: Hi Ladies, Don't want to burst anyone's bubble here, but I've seen Sanjay in person (at "Sanjay's Night Out" event) and can testify that he is extremely sweet! I think he was there with family, running around with someone who I think is his brother, Suneel. No date from what I could see. Don't think he has time, to be honest. I was a little disappointed that he wore his exact same work clothes to this prestigious event, movie stars and all. But again, he is too sweet to care about any of that. He's a good guy, bottom line. By the way, for the writer of his site, note: his bro is 10 yrs younger, and his b-day is Oct 23, not 28.

Ann Stewart:Wow pinkpanther !!!Thanks a lot. You don't know how many Gupta Girls you just made happy with that info. We love the Gupta God. We're in Gupta God worship. Just Kidding!!! Never degrade the God Gupta. It hurts us terribly. We love the Gupta God. That's all we know. How did you know his brothers Birthday? Oh I'm sorry I miss read that you was stating the good Doc's B-day sorry!!!Sometimes I put information on his website. I worry about it being creditable though. I'm not 100% sure he was born in 1969 and I really don't know if he is Hindu. One of his fans reported that he's Hindu and she's only 15, and never met him so hey who knows. Well thanks pinkpanther for the info. That was so kind of you. Please feel free to post anytime and give all the info on the GOD GUPTA you know. I'd like to build a nicer site. I may use your post. Thank you so much. You made my day.

pinkpanther: What matters is he's a good guy. And again, I saw no date on his arm, just fam. But given his schedule, don't know when he even has time to sleep. Note on bday: def. is 10/23 cause I was watching that day and they sang happy b-day. And sure about '69. Dad's bday is Sept 21 I think. Also pretty sure about Hindu. Let's see what else? Most of his good friends he still has from grade school, and liked red foods as a baby. Also know little brother Suneel is 10 years younger and I think in business school in Mich. Let you know if I remember anything else.

Ann Stewart:Pinkpanther You are the best. I sure adore you for all that info. I know a lot of Gupta Girls on line who love this man. Me two for that matter. We love getting new info the God Gupta, so you are my pick me up of the day. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! You got any more info? By the way I dig your user name. Unless that's really your real name or something? If it is, your momma's weird, but I always liked that cartoon. Thank you again so much. You the coolest pinkpanther online.

Guava: Hi pinkpanther and Ann. It is so cool to hear from someone who has spotted Dr. Sanjay in real life. Thanks for sharing and let us know if you see him again! Or, if you're feeling brave, maybe you can snap a photo? (I don't endorse paparazzi-like behavior, really I don't:)

Ann Stewart:I don't care. He could be 2'1 and he'd still be my dream guy. We love Dr. Gupta no matter what. For the wonderful service of medical education he provides, he is adored by many.





This site is mostly parody and reported talk by the general public. The facts presented on this page many not be credible. This is a open to the public talk website. We are not CNN. We don't claim to be the "MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS."